5 Awesome Home Improvement Tips For 2016

Home improvement is usually a common annual task. And for good measure also. A home that has benefited from some improvement will always have a burst of fresh breath. You may be thinking and exploring on what home improvement works you can initiate in your home. Well, I have compiled the best home improvement tips for 2016. These tips can also be great DIY projects for you and your family members. Home improvement can also be a perfect opportunity to carry out any repair work in the home. Painting is typically considered a home improvement project but I want to give you tips that go beyond some painting here and there.

Best Home Improvement Tips for 2016

These projects are:
– Low maintenance
– Cost effective
– Good to high quality
– DIY or you can hire professionals
– Energy efficient.

Tip #1. Kitchen Upgrade:

Kitchen improvement has emerged as a leading 2016 home improvement project. You can go full throttle and recreate the dream kitchen we see on Pinterest or other top rated magazine. Or you can do some cost effective upgrade works that leave your kitchen with a new lease of life. Some of the kitchen improvement you can do include:

– Installing new granite tops or resurfacing the existing ones.
– Putting in a new flooring.
– Upgrading your kitchen appliances.
– Installing an island or a breakfast counter.
Remember that your kitchen is the hub of your home.

Tip #2. Adding a patio or deck:

Patios add much needed extra space in a home A recent 2016 survey showed that we have an insatiable appetite for the outdoors, patios and decks included. And this is something you can easily do. The good news is that it does not have to be expensive or require professionals. Many companies can design and construct a pre-fab patio for you. They only need you to send the measurements and select a design of the patio you want from their catalog.

Tip #3. Change your front door:

Changing your front door may not be considered as a leading home improvement. However, a general survey has indicated that a home has an authentic and visible improvement feel and look when its front door has been remodeled or changed. A new front door is not expensive. It’s possible to get a brand new steel door at 2k including installation fees.

Tip #4. Transform an attic into a bedroom or home office:

This has the potential to be the leading home improvement project in this year. Attics can be turned into an extra bedroom or better still, transform it into your home office. In fact, the possibilities are limitless, simply follow your fancy.

Tip #5. Make your home a smart home:

Smart homes are the vogue in 2016. At the touch of a button, switch on your preloaded oven to start cooking that pie you prepare before leaving for work. As you walk in the front door, let your home light all the necessary lights, switch on your TV to your favorite channel and play your ‘I’m home’ album. Without you lifting a finger. You may want to talk with a good electrician like Spark Electrician for some ideas here

These amazing home improvements tips for 2016 have the potential to raise the value of your home considerably. The best thing to do is to check what needs to be worked on in your home, apply any of these tips and begin work immediately.